Why we should help

It's our duty to reach out
and help someone who is in need...
and your kind act will never be forgotten.
We Really need your help

If you can, no matter how small, please give to those who have little.

Every contribution helps

Something that seems small to you is a lot to those who have nothing. Please help those who are helpless.

Find fulfillment in giving

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done." Proverbs 19:17

whom are we helping and
how we help them
Do you want to be part of the help?
They are waiting for your act of kindness
We sponsor aid programs promoted by the missions of IVE throughout the world. We sustain free access to education for children and young people, feeding programs, reception of orphans, construction of shelters for the sick. We think that the development of a whole society goes hand in hand with the promotion and protection of fundamental rights of the most neglected population.

How we carefully use the money
donated to this cause

For each euro collected, we allocate 0.98 cents to our projects.

The management costs and fundraising operations expenses - essential to our work - are almost entirely financed by the
Institute of the Incarnate Word.

Therefore, this allows us to donate to the projects almost all of the funds that we collect through agencies, foundations and private donors

IVE - Mission for Poor is a non-profit organization established by the Institute of the Incarnate Word. We work every day for excluded, neglected and poor people. We work with the local missions of the Institute, primarily in Third World countries.

Endorsing the specific purpose of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, which promotes the development of all that is truly human, we believe in a world where everyone is recognized as child of God and, as such, they must be empowered to create their own future and their life.

Our actions and our projects aim at promoting and strengthening the integral development of people. The beneficiaries of our activities are mainly children, disabled people, orphans and the sick in developing countries. We also support the training and formation of missionaries who work in those lands, because through them we give aid, comfort and spiritual support to those in need.

The core value of our work is respect for the beneficiaries of our activities and for those who help and support our projects. We respect Creation, thinking that nothing really belongs to us and that everything has been created to be shared. For this reason, our fundraising activities are intended to be a shift of resources from the rich to the neediest.

What great difference your
small contribution will make
Are you willing to help those in need?