How you can help

Your support can create new hope and new reasons to rise up among the most neglected and poorest of the world.

There are two main ways you can give our Missions your help: by donating or by getting involved yourself. You can also decide whether to support a specific project or give to the most needy Missions. Whatever and whomever you wish to help, you will receive a yearly report about the activities in the Missions you have decided to help and the implementation of the projects within. We will also commit to celebrate a Mass for your family and you.


Any kind of donation, small or major gift, is gladly accepted.

You can donate for a specific project or choose to what mission to send it. Be sure that money donated will uplift the lives of the poor of this world, contribute to their integral development and help our missionaries to spread the Good News.

Being settled in the poorest areas of the world, affected by poverty, illness and wars, often persecuted because of the Faith, our catholic missions need ongoing support. That is why we encourage donating on regular basis: to allow our missionaries and their faithful to hope and plan for the future. Moreover, you can always support us by one off donation, helping for a specific project, and, through it, becoming close to the life of the mission where it is implemented, to its people and its priests.

Are you ready to change people's life?

Get involved yourself

Campaign, volunteer, raise funds! Whether you are a student, a parishioner, a family group or a single person, your help, your good will and your creativity can actually change lives in our Missions.

You can arrange a race to sponsor a project or a day of prayer; you can call upon your classmate to renounce their snack for one day and donate the saving; you can ask your office team to adopt a Mission or to get committed to volunteering.

If you wish to get involved, contact us. We will discuss your ideas or we will give you many others, we will support your actions and will publish your activities in our website.
What are your waiting for? Take action now!
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